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Softball Minor League Rules

2015 Instructional Softball League Objectives/Rules
Minor League (Grades 2 & 3)
Objective: To have fun, learn the basics of positional play, be introduced to competitive play, develop competency in the fundamental skills of the game (e.g. catching, throwing and hitting) in order to advance to the next level of play.
1. Both coaches must meet prior to the start of the game to define and agree upon the following:
a. The “out of bounds” area to the left and right of the foul lines.
b. General rules review
2. No inning begins after 8 p.m.
3. Play must be suspended in the event of lightning.
4. Coaches should act as umpires to the extent required for field play only. No other coaches except the pitcher/umpire are allowed on field. There are no called balls or strikes.
5. Coaches have the responsibility to control spectators and ensure player safety.
6. Coaches are responsible for clean-up of the field and dugout areas.
7. Once any coach has made a call, it should not be disputed since this contradicts the goals of good sportsmanship. Conflicts should be debated away from the children.
8. In the event of inclement weather and the game needs to be cancelled, coaches must contact each other at least one hour before the game begins so they can notify players.
1. No watches, earrings, rings, pins or jewelry except to alert medical personnel. Medical alert bracelet must be taped over to eliminate sharp edges and medical alert necklaces must be taped to body or jersey to keep them from flying out and striking an opponent.
2. No bat swinging until at the plate, unless the next batter is carefully supervised by coach in a designated “on-deck” area. There is no “double deck.”
3. Helmets must be worn when on deck, at bat or on base.
Coach Pitching
1. Coaches pitch to their own players.
2. A player shall stand near the coach to field the pitcher’s position.
3. Coach pitches until the batter puts the ball in play, limiting the batter to no more 7 swings. After 7 swings the player sits down and is called out.
4. If a batted ball hits designated coach pitcher, then the ball will be declared dead and the batter awarded first base.
5. There are no called balls or strikes. Strikeouts are allowed after 7 swings with the last swing being a miss not a foul.
Player Pitching
1. Player pitching is encouraged to prepare players for the next level. The player pitcher can deliver up to 4 pitches per batter before turning the mound over to the coach pitcher. Coaches are urged discretion to ensure only capable pitchers are permitted to pitch. If they are nowhere near the strike zone, then the coach should take over for the balance of the inning.
2. While pitching, the coach should remain near the mound to help move the game along.
3. While kids are pitching there is no penalty for swings. This is to encourage the batters to hit from someone other than their coach.
The team in the field shall either use a player to catch with a coach to back them up in order to expedite play or if there are not enough players a coach can catch. Catcher must be equipped with full equipment.
Base Running
1. It is important to teach base running, (i.e., what to do for ground balls vs. pop-ups)
2. If the play results in an out, the batter or base runner must return to the bench.
3. Runners may advance only one base on any infield hit. For balls hit into the outfield via fly ball or grounder, the runners may advance no more than two bases.
4. Running stops when an outfield throw to the infield breaks the baseline. The runner must be ½ way when the ball breaks the baseline to advance to the next base.
5. Runner interference & collisions – A runner must make every attempt to avoid a collision with the fielder on a close play at any base. A runner who, in the opinion of the umpire, deliberately collides with a fielder, whether by sliding or not, will be called out by the umpire.
The Play
Little League minor league rules of softball apply, unless a change has been made and mutually agreed upon by the coaches.
1. The Home Team supplies one new 11 inch yellow safety softball per game.
2. Field dimension are 60 feet between bases and 35 feet from home plate to the pitcher’s mound.
3. Batting order will be established before the game and players will adhere to the set batting order throughout the entire game.
4. Ten (10) players present will play the field. Since the objective is to introduce positional play, extra fielders should be positioned in the outfield. No more than 4 infielders not counting pitcher/catcher. Outfielders must be a minimum of 15’ beyond the base paths.
5. Games are four (4) innings.
a. A team’s at bat is concluded after 3 outs or 5 runs.
b. In the event of a low scoring, fast moving game, the game may be extended by mutual agreement of both managers.
6. No more than five (5) runs scored per inning.
7. There are no limitations to the number of player substitutions made in the field.
8. No Stealing.
9. No Bunting.
10. No Sliding
11. No Leading
12. No infield fly rule.
13. One base on an overthrow.
14. No throwing the bat. A player will be warned after throwing the bat the first time. A second violation will result in the player being removed from the batting order but can remain in the game as a fielder.
15. Time limit for games are 2 hrs. No inning may start after 2 hrs.