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Player Safety

The TAA puts player safety above all else.  Through coach and player training and education, the TAA works toward keeping our children safe on the fields and courts in town. 

The first step in keeping our children safe is to require that all TAA coaches submit to a background screen through the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).  Additionally, our coaches are required to take the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. clinic which provides valuable information about player safety and managing game time injuries.  

To help prevent injuries TAA volunteer coaches teach players proper technique and skills to aid in their development and knowledge of the game.  Coaches are also encouraged to instruct players on the proper use and maintenance of equipment.      

Despite our best efforts to keep our players safe, injuries occur and are an unfortunate part of sports at all levels.  With that said, it's important for coaches and parents to keep an open line of communication regarding our players and any injuries that coaches/parents may or may not know about. 

Coaches must report any significant injuries to their sport's Program Director as soon as possible after an injury occurs.  As a general guideline, reportable injuries include: concussion or possible concussion, possible broken bone, injuries to the eyes, ears, mouth or other sensitive area that might require evaluation, blow to the chest that causes difficulty breathing, heatstroke, any episode of fainting/passing out and any situation where the coach knows a child has seen a doctor or medical facility for treatment of a TAA sport related injury.  This is just a general guideline and coaches should err on the side of over-reporting injury situations. 

Coaches should call 911 for injuries that require immediate medical attention or for which the coach is not equipped to handle.  

Please contact your Program Director with any questions.