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Volunteer Hour Corporate Grants

TAA Coaches and our other non-coach volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.  They not only play an important role in ensuring our programs remain healthy and prosper for years to come but more importantly, they play a critical role in mentoring the young athletes in our town!! The TAA appreciates the valuable time you spend making our organization and our young athletes all they can be!!  

Did you know that the volunteer time you spend with the TAA may qualify for a financial grant to the TAA from your employer?  In fact, over the years, several of our volunteers have participated in their company's Volunteer Grant programs in order to provide a financial benefit to the TAA.  These programs are often administered on-line which make it easy to submit volunteer hours. 

Benefits of Corporate Grants Include:
- Helps keep our registration fees low.
- Helps the TAA to continue to provide scholarships to children in families that may need a little financial help.
(all of our TAA sport programs offer scholarships).  
-Provides funds to help the TAA maintain our athletic facilities in our town and schools.
-Provides funds for athletic equipment and supplies.
-Provides funds for strategic initiatives such as the outdoor basketball hoops at TES and the gym wall mats at TES and OTS.  

Don't know if your company offers Volunteer Grants?  Here is a list of some of the largest companies that provide non-profit grants:


The list in the above link is not all inclusive so if you do not see your company, please search for your company using the following link:   


Some companies may require a written authorization from the TAA.  If that's the case or if you have any questions or need other assistance with a Corporate Grant, please contact your sport's Program Director - contact information may be found under the "About Us" Tab above.